Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cap Back Off

Day 306


One thing that really helps when you are trying to take a good picture every day is to always have a good camera with you. Though I am hugely pleased with my Sony a700 DSLR, and would recommend it to anyone who was in the market, there are some times when I just don't take it along. Maybe I have good reasons for this, like it is big and inconvenient to carry everywhere, and I don't want to accidently leave it in a rental car, or maybe I am just lazy. The point is, I don't always take it with me.

Still, not wanting to miss out shots of things that just happen, I decided to get the Panasonic LX3. This is camera is the perfect combination of powerful and portable. I'll probably do a fuller review in the future when I have more experience with it, but for now I can tell you that I plan to take this everywhere I don't take the DSLR. So, you can probably expect more shots from this camera on future days.


Unknown said...

How did you choose this one? I would've been tempted by the Canon G10, I'm sure.

Andy Roth said...

Reviews found it to be less noisy than the G10 which needlessly upped the megapixels from the G9. It is also smalller and has better video. Great review