Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 142 - Tingling - 2 May 2011


For whatever reason, some of my most viewed photos on Flickr are of superhero statues. I really don't know why that is, but since views on Flickr are like catnip to me, I'll go back to that well until it runs dry.

Now before you think I've reached new levels of geekiness by posing these two statues in a scene... Hmmm. Well yeah, I guess I have. Thwip!

Day 141 - Pulling The Light - 1 May 2011

Pulling The Light

Cockroaches are bugs. Butterflies are bugs. Both are part of the food web and thus have important roles to play in keeping the ecosystems of the world functioning.

Even so, just try buying a ceiling fan with cockroaches at the ends of the pull chains, and I bet the guys at Lowe's would think you were some kind of crazy weirdo.

They would be right of course. Only a crazy weirdo would want to grab a cockroach to turn a light off and on or adjust the fan speed.

See, so when you think about it, it really does make sense that they wouldn't make fans with cockroaches.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 140 - Kemptown Stile - 30 Apr 2011

Kemptown Stile

Sometimes in life your path is very clear. It is easy to see which way to go, and you can proceed with certainty. Perhaps you can even get a glimpse of your destination.

Other times it is less so. Choices abound, none of which shows a clear advantage over the others. You have to proceed, because life keeps moving no matter what, but you do so without any sort of certainty about where you are going.

Which way is better? I don't know. I am not here to offer answers - just pictures.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 139 - MoDa - 29 Apr 2011


Obviously I've gotten behind at posting these, but at least I am still taking them. Best as I can figure we went to Brewer's Alley on this fine Friday and this is in the room that is in the front (or as Shelley calls, the back).

Friday night is not usually family go out to dinner night, so it must have been some kind of occasion. I really just don't remember what. I think we had a good time though.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 138 - It's A Colander - 28 Apr 2011

It's A Colander

My hope was that this would come out looking like a ladybug or a piece of watermellon. Or maybe the light reflecting in those water drops would make them look Spider-Man.

That would have been cool.

Instead all I got was a stupid picture of a red plastic colander. At least I learned how to spell colander.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 137 - This Old Heart Of Mine - 27 Apr 2011

This Old Heart Of Mine

I've never been known as someone who is heavy into floriculture. And you know, what? That's OK with me. I am much more interested in olericulture and pomology (but not viticulture) and whatever the thing is that's about planting trees so that I can't see all my neighbors' houses.

Even so, when I see a nice example of Genus Dicentra, I'm not above taking a picture of it.

Day 136 - Wrapped Around - 26 Apr 2011

Wrapped Around

This is part of a piece of kinetic art. It gets pretty windy here in Adamstown, MD and we've learned the hard way that these kind of things don't usually survive the winter winds. So, for the past several months it has been hanging from the middle hinge of the coat closet. The nice thing about this location is that the kids tend to knock it down which leads to a really loud noise, after which hilarity ensues.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 135 - Sockeye Plus Five - 25 Apr 2011

Sockeye Plus Five

One of the nice things about the warmer months is that we tend to grill out a lot. Actually, we tend to grill out a lot during the colder months, too. Point is I like to cook food on the grill.

That's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 134 - Great Mom - 24 Apr 2011

Great Mom

This is my grandmother, Lucille Roth. She picked up the name "Great Mom" when she became a great grandmother and that was too many syllables for the kids to say.

Though she is in her mid-nineties there is still an indomitable spark to her character that has been there as long as I've known her.

She's seen so much in her 9+ decades that I wonder what she was thinking about in this moment of contemplation. Probably something along the lines of "He better not be taking my picture."

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 133 - Another Bell - 23 Apr 2011

Another Bell

When I was a kid we had a bell just like this by the side of our house. My mom would ring it when she needed us to return home (3g coverage wasn't so good there back then).

When we were visiting the nearby village of St. Peter's on day 133 I saw what looked to be the exact same bell. I soon determined however that this one was not the same one we had in our yard because:
1. Ours was not on a purple post
2. Ours faced the other way
3. Ours is still in our yard, which is not in St. Peters

So, I guess the people at the bell factory must have made more than one.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 132 - Lil Hoss - 22 Apr 2011

Lil Hoss

Back in my salad days at Penn State, *the* place to go out to eat when someone else was paying was Hoss's steakhouse. This was not just because they had a great salad bar, or decent steaks. They also had a great selection of fresh breads that my constantly hungry 20 year old self could not get enough of.

When heading back to PA for Easter, we needed somewhere to stop for dinner, and since I had given up french fries for Lent (what was I thinking?) we needed a non-fast food destination. When I saw the sign for Hoss's, I thought it would be a good opportunity for some Pennsylvania ethnic food, and to expose the children to their cultural heritage (and they also have soft server ice cream).

Well, I don't know if it is because Hoss's has changed or if because I have, but some of the luster was lacking. The food was fine, but the experience just did not compare to my memory of it.

I think the lesson to be learned from this is: Don't give up french fries for Lent.

Day 131- All Star - 21 Apr 2011

All Star

When we moved in here 7 plus years ago, Ella was a couple weeks old and we had a total of one tree. Now Ella is going on 18 (it seems) and we have lots of trees, but this one was still the first and meanwhile Ella wears pink Chuck Taylors. Since the tree was also wearing pink, I thought it would be good to get a shot of both of them together.

Day 130 - Hiding Everywhere - 20 Apr 2011

Hiding Everywhere

Why should Christmas be the only holiday for which I post themed pictures? Sure, this is not Santa sitting in front of a blurry Christmas tree, but the Easter Bunny sitting in front of some blurry flowers is none to shabby, if I do say so.

This would be even less shabby if I had posted it closer to Easter, but so it goes.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 129 - The Green One - 19 Apr

The Green One

Those of you who remember the early eighties may have been part of a conversation like this:

I was playing electronic football
Cool. Which one?
The green one.

You also know the main advantages The Green One had over The White One (being able to pass and move backwards).

Handheld video games have come quite a ways since then, but you can't tell me that kids today have more fun then we had 30 years ago.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 128 - Little Wing - 18 Apr 2011

Little Wing

Solar lights are cool. Like fireflies and all glow in the dark stuff, they are magic to me. Maybe that is why we are starting to accumulate a collection of solar lights around the heron feeder. I started out trying to take a picture of the waterfall (which you can see in the picture if you use your imagination) then this bird caught my eye.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 127 - The Big One -17 Apr 2011

The Big One

I am not the only one on a 365 day odyssey. We all gathered to celebrate the first of many 365 day odysseys by my niece, Clara. I don't think she took many photos during her first 365 days, but she certainly had plenty taken of her. She is quite photogenic, and not just because she is a baby. So, congrats to Clara - hope you enjoyed the cake (you seemed to) and hope I get cake when I finish this odyssey.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 126 - Shade Wall - 16 Apr 2011

Shade Wall

"Some days you win. Some days you lose. Some days it rains"

I was not thinking about the weather when I took this picture. It was just another rockin' Saturday night with a visit to Target for I don't remember what. Eventually Mother Nature will make you pay attention to the weather however - like when the weather comes waterfalling into your house.

Now I am thinking about and hoping for many dry days full of sunshine. But...

"Since when can weathermen predict the weather, yet along the future?"