Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Daddy Long Legs

Photo #100

I credit the odyssey with making me take the shot. This back in April when I was more concerned about getting my 7 shots a week, so as the sun was setting and shadows were getting long, I took out my iPhone and got this. Because of this, I think it makes a fitting shot for #100.

And a Panda

Photo #99

I like the world and I like wildlife. If I could choose any job devoid of practical considerations or implications, I might choose to be a wildlife photographer. (I might instead choose to be a Foley artist, but that is besides the point). Meanwhile, if I can't photograph wildlife in the world, I can photograph the World Wildlife Fund, or at least the logo on their building.

American Climber

Photo #98

This is a statue that exemplifies the American Spirit. It conveys our willingness to climb to get to where we need to be.

In trying to achieve the best angle from which to take this shot, I climbed on top of the 2 foot high wall that surrounded the base of the statue. Within moments a friendly security guard was upon me, telling me I needed to get down for "safety reasons".

This is another example of the American Spirit

Monday, June 29, 2015

Three Wheeler

Photo #97

We all know that the wheels on the bus go round and round, but what do the wheels on the side of the building do? Obviously they want us to turn them, that is what wheels are made for. If not, why would the paint them so red? Do you think I tried to turn them, you know, for science? I won't tell you. Instead, let me encourage you to find out for yourself. When you do, please take pictures.

What Might Be Right For You

Photo #96

I like to think that living in each of these DC townhouses lives someone whose personality matches the exterior of their house. The corpulent man from 2139 has a heavy disposition and often smokes a cigar as he sits in his over upholstered brown leather club chair reading the Wall Street Journal. His next door neighbor is a slight artist who smells of lavender and a makes tasty ceviche the with fish she brings back on her bike from the farmer's market. The twist of fate that caused them to share a wall makes for many hilarious encounters.