Sunday, November 29, 2009

100 Strangers - Stranger 1

I've decided to undertake a new photography project. One of my weaknesses is candid street photography - especially with regards to portraits. In hopes of improving in this area, I've decided to take portraits of 100 strangers.

I'm pragmatic enough on this one to not try to do it in 100 days, especailly given that most days I don't leave the house, yet alone see a stranger. Instead, I've set no time limit on this - I will take and post the shots as the opportunities arise.

I'm kickng this off today with my 1000th shot on Flickr that I took last weekend in Times Square:

Stranger 1 - Times Sqaure

When I took this shot, I was not sure if this man was looking at me and was upset that I was taking his photo, and after studying the shot, I'm still not sure. I suspect that people being annoyed with me will be a too common theme in this project, but oh well.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Many Days

Many Days

I am a big fan of Fred City (or Frederick, MD as it is called by everyone who is not me). Having done more than a few informal photowalks there, I was excited to be part of the official World Wide Photo Walk. Turns out it was not something to be all the excited about, but still I got a few decent pictures out of it. This was one of the two that I submitted.