Thursday, April 30, 2015


Photo #90

One thing a photo odyssey is, is a way of marking time. Really, what is photography if not some effort to capture a moment in time? You can't do it though - by the time you've take the picture, the moment is gone.

(Week 13 - Photo 3)

All the Hearty Ladies

Photo #89

Put your hands up! Put your hands up! OK, maybe it is a little creepy to take a picture of the sign to the ladies room. Or maybe this is in fact a sign to a store that sells ladies. No, that is probably worse. Forget I said that. We should probably just think of this as a picture of a cool neon sign in the cool Chelsea Market.

(Week 13 - Photo 2)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Crossing Signals

Photo #88

New York is not just another city. There is something special about it. I used to make many visits there and got to know the town pretty well. Times and schedules change however, and it had been a year since I'd been back. We took the opportunity to make for a long weekend visit, and as we walked from the streets of Midtown to Chinatown, all around and back, I paused as much as possible to see and photograph all that we passed.

(Week 13 - Photo 1)

On the Grid

Photo #87

So ends the 12th full week of this 365x7 odyssey. This shot combines several of the previous (which were all from the same Friday). The message here is clear - find new things to take pictures of.

(Week 12 - Photo 7)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Looks New Again

Photo #86

Maybe I am getting into a rut here, what with all the reflecty buildings. At least it is not the blue glass bottle over and over (reference for you old-time followers). Where you are is what you see, and what you see is what you notice. At least it is if you are doing it correctly. Unlike the first quest where I rarely left my house, now I am going into the city several times every week. In the city they have cool reflecty buildings, so that is what you are going to get. If you don't believe me, wait for the next post.

(Week 12 - Photo 6)

American Perspective

Photo #85

I know how it was when I took this. Standing on the ground, I pointed the camera up to one of the ubiquitous many American flags in Washington DC. There was nothing unusual about the angle the flag pole came off the building. Even so, when I look at this picture I get spun around trying to see it as it really was. It is something about perspective, I suppose. Also, if you turned your head, I win.

(Week 12 - Photo 5)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Photo #84

In the middle of Dupont Circle is a circle. In the middle of this circle is a fountain. Well, I think it is a fountain in the summer. Right now it is whatever you call a fountain with no water. In the middle of this fountain with no water are some statues. This is one of them. It seems to be some lady with a big bird on her shoulder and some sort of a toy boat in her arm. I have no idea how she came to be part of this fountain, but I expect she is waiting for it to be filled with water so she can use that boat.

(Week 12 - Photo 4)

Sit Around

Photo #83

What we have is here is an introverts bench. You are guaranteed not to have anyone directly next to you. How nice to have no pressure for chit-chat or small talk. You can just be out there quietly, minding your own business, sitting on a bench and being introverted.

(Week 12 - Photo 3)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gotta Get Myself Right Out of Here

Photo #82

I get up. I get down. This is basically the opposite view of the last picture. Instead of people escaping to the light, these people are escaping from the light. It is a good exercise in photography to take pictures of the same subject from multiple locations and angles.

(Week 12 - Photo 2)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Into the World

Photo #81

This is the escalator at DuPont Circle in Washington, DC. At least three times a week I go up the escalator at DuPont Circle in Washington, DC. I never go up this escalator. You see, this is the North side escalator. I go up the South side escalator. Except this day. On this day I went a different and it took me to whole different place. With escalators as with life, if you never break out of your routine, you will miss many things.

(Week 12 - Photo 1)

Monday, April 13, 2015


Photo 80

Oh, Fogo how you temp me

Delicious smoked meats

My chip is forever green

(Week 11 - Photo 7)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Groovin With Some Energy

Photo #79

I have a handful of shots in my mind that I plan to include in this odyssey when I get the chance. I'm trying to save them for when I really need them. Even so, when we were looking for another museum to visit in DC, I suggested "The One With the People Mover." A small bit of googling revealed that this was actually called the National Gallery of Art. So many photographers have taken this shot, there is actual a dent in the metal on the exact spot you'd want to rest your camera (and security guard that will you not to rest your camera there, because dents).

(Week 11 - Photo 6)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

This is the Day

Photo #78

I admit it, I am a big fan of buskers. They bring music to the world, often unexpectedly, and that is a good thing. This guy was putting his heart into it. He seemed like the kind of busker who is doing for the love of music, as if there was some good music in that horn and he needed to get it out into the world.

(Week 11 - Photo 5

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Look Into the Past

Photo #77

I've seen the sights in DC more times than I can remember, but this was the first time I'd ever visited the National Archives. Sitting outside is this statue. I don't know who she is, but she seems to be thinking about times long gone. Maybe that is why she sits at the archives.

(Week 11 - Photo 4)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Photo #76

Being an exterior window cleaner seems like a fun job. By "fun" I mean a job that makes it easy to pretend you are Spider-Man. When I took this picture I was focused (pun intended) on the window washers, not even noticing the golden dome of the "Insurance Company". That makes me think that these guys probably should have good insurance.

(Week 11 - Photo 3)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Into Spring 2015

Photo #75

This is a tradition from the first two odysseys that I am glad I remembered to do again. As before, I plan to take the same shot of this the same reflecting orb yard-art thing on the first day of each season. Since the last time we've moved, and so has the orb. Take a look at all the change of season shots!

(Week 11 - Photo 2)


Photo #74

This mini repeating Mount Rushmore decorates the wall at Teddy and Bully Bar, a somewhat upscale bar near Dupont Circle in DC that also has punch bowls. According to the little sign nearby, it was 3-D printed. Is this a tribute to presidents of the past or the future of wall paper?

(Week 11 - Photo 1)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Photo #73

My random thought about this one is what if building have memories? What would that look like? Maybe this building (1900 M Street - AGAIN!) was thinking back to its very earliest days - back when it was under construction (and way back before it had security guards that harassed photographers). Maybe it would look like this.

(Week 10 - Photo 7)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

M Street, Remember Me

Photo #72

Do you remember this building. We've seen here on Roth365 at least twice before. It is that same building at 1900 M Street from which the security guard emerged telling me I was not allowed to take pictures. I don't know if that is the reason I keep coming back to it, or if it is because it is cool and reflecty. Probably some of both. It will probably also be the next picture.


(Week 10 - Photo 6)