Monday, January 12, 2015

In Love on the Metro

Photo #10
I need to shoot more people. Posed portraits are not my thing, but I what I do enjoy is when I capture a moment where people are unaware they are being photographed. A long time ago I decided I was going to shoot 100 Strangers. This puts me up to 8. What I like about this couple is that I can imagine they've been together a long time, yet still seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company. We should all be so lucky. I also like that the man is still wearing his trolley tour bus sticker as a reminder of the fun day they had seeing the sites in DC. Based on the fact that they both have new looking New Balance sneakers, I also imagine they enjoy shoe shopping together. Most men wouldn't want to go shoe shopping, but not Mr. Trolley Man - he knows his time with her is nearing an end, and even a tedious thing like shopping or riding on Metro is an a opportunity he welcomes to spend more time with his wife. That is the fun thing about strangers - you can imagine whatever you want to about them.

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