Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Photography Bucket List

After reading my brother's photography bucket list, I decided to do one of own. So here is a list of shots I hope to take before I die.

Two old guys playing chess or checkers in a park
Person walking five or more dogs at once
A bear in the wild
A German bar-maid carrying five or more liters of beer
A picture in 25 different countries (8 complete so far)
A $2 portrait
A water drop
An excellent panning shot
The Northern Lights
The view from a hot air balloon
A wild bald eagle in flight

Here are some shots that would be on the list except that I've already taken them:
A wailing musician
A rainbow

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Unknown said...

Here is a great site to create, manage and share you bucket list with friends and family.


Check it out.