Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sign of Spring

Day 64


It is during the time when we are weeks away from the equinox that I most miss North Carolina. But even here in Maryland, there are signs that the wait for spring will soon be over.


Anonymous said...

Andy, are you from NC? If so, where from?

You'd love it this year, we're actually getting a Spring here this year. For the past several years it's been as if a switch had been thrown and we went straightaway from Winter to Summer with 90 degree days.

This year we are enjoying a few weeks of 60's and 70's. Daffodils and buttercups abound....

Andy Roth said...

Hi Jon-

I lived in Raleigh, then Chapel Hill, the Raleigh for a total of about nine years. I really liked it there and have tenative plans to return sometime in the next few decades.