Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 85 - On Top of Chiquita - 6 Mar 2011

On Top of Chiquita

During its heyday, Zooomr was *the* site for photo sharing. There was a community of top quality photographers who were also great people who made visiting the site rewarding and inspirational in ways that Flickr never could.

This photo is one small example of how I am still impacted by the time I spent on Zooomr. There were a series of photographs of fruit with tiny guys perched on it that made their way up the awesomeness charts. I wish I could remember who they were by (does anyone know?). I thought these shots were so cool that I ordered my own set of tiny guys (model railroad accessories if you are curious).

Sadly these were lost and forgotten about before I ever got around to using them. Recently they were rediscovered, and this is the first of what I expect to be many in a series in homage to my long lost Zooomr friend.

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