Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not My Type

Not My Type

I like my camera. It is a nice camera and I have some decent lenses. I'm lucky to have it, and many of the shots I've taken I could not have gotten with a lesser camera.

That said, I do have to laugh when people tell me my camera takes nice pictures. It's not that I don't appreciate the compliment. Believe me, I really do. Feedback on my photos is my catnip, and positive feedback is my extra special good kind of catnip. It's the underlying assumption that good cameras make good pictures that makes me laugh.

All that was a long preamble to me wanting to point out that though I took more than a few pictures of this Junque Shop in New Orleans with my good camera and my fancy lenses, it was this picture, taken with my merely adequate iPhone that was my favorite. So there.

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Sixteen Chickens said...

I have to say that I fall into that mindset myself sometimes. Especially when trying to convince myself that I need new equipment. ;) After all what other justification could I use to spend "x" on "x"? To remind myself that it really is my eye and my vision I sometimes hand my camera over to a friend who wants to try it out. Quickly I see the difference. I enjoyed your work enough to sub to your blog. Is that enough to feed the cat?