Sunday, January 4, 2015

Roth 365x7 - The Third Odyssey

Each and every day there are things in our lives that are worth noticing and worth remembering.

This is how I started this project 7 years ago on the first post of this blog. Through 2008 I managed to take a picture every day. One of the things I learned by doing this is that some days there are lots of things to see and remember, and some days not so much. This was a lesson that was reinforced when I started a second attempt in December 2010, and is a big reason why that attempt ended after 145 days.

Since then I have been sporadically posting pictures from the archive. While this allows me to be more selective in what I post, it provides no motivation to shoot, and thus no motivation to notice or remember - which was the point of this.

What I needed was a more balanced approach that would give me motivation, but also flexibility to let some days go by without being forced to post subpar pictures of colanders or salmon. That is how the idea of a 365x7 was born. Instead of having to take one good picture everyday, I must now take seven good pictures every seven days.

To be honest, I am already worried about accomplishing this challenge. The dreary weeks of winter still stretch out ahead. The routines chaos of life is already returning after a nice holiday respite. Even at this moment I wonder what seven good pictures I can take this week. But then I remind myself that the opportunities are there, it is just a matter of seeing them. And, it is supposed to be hard - that is why it  is called a challenge.

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