Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Flying L

Photo #32
My mother was scared of geese. Or maybe it was chickens. One or both of those attacked her when she was a child, and she never really got over it. Despite this, I spent most of my life geese-agnostic. That is until we moved to this house, which has some walking trails nearby. These trails go by some small lakes. You may have seen these in some of the pictures I've posted. When the geese are around, these trails tend to have a nice layer of geese scat.

This makes me like them less.

Anyway, I do still like geese in the air, as long as they are not directly over me. On this morning's walk, many geese were flying by in various directions. I don't know where they were going since it is the middle of winter, and they should just be staying in The South. Maybe they are Canadian geese and is this is their South, eh? Point is, the geese flew by, I took their picture, and it became Photo 32. A short while later some more geese (or maybe the same ones?) flew by, and I took their picture, too. If you don't believe me, wait until the next post.

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