Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Day 365


So here we are at the last day of this photo-a-day odyssey. Frankly I surprised myself by sticking to it and taking a picture every day of the year. Some were better than others, but 365 of them were good enough for me to call keepers and feature them here on this blog.

Was it all worth it? For me, it definitely was. Not only do I think that I improved my photography skills, but I generally had a whole lot of fun doing it. If you had half as much fun looking at these pictures as I did taking them, then I had twice as much fun taking them as you did looking at them.

My sincere thanks to those of you that have followed along and especially to those that have left some comments along the way, either here or on Flickr. It would still be worth it to me even if no one ever saw any of these pictures, but the fact that some people have taken a look now and then makes it so much better.

Now that we've reached the end, what comes next? To be honest, I'm not exactly sure. I'm not going to try to shoot a picture everyday in 2009, I can tell you that now. Even so Roth365.com will continue. I plan to keep shooting regularly however, and will continue to share my work here as well as on Flickr. I may also go through my ever growing archive of unprocessed pictures and see what gems might be hidden there. So, keep checking back, and we'll see what happens.

At this moment though, I'm putting a big red DONE stamp on this photo-a-day odyssey.

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